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Lee Memorials & Monuments proudly serves Blakely, Georgia and the surrounding area. Providing complete funeral and memorial services, we pride ourselves in a commitment to excellence, and to the support of grieving families during their times of need.


We offer a wide range of grave markers, ranging from stone to bronze, and from headstones and mausoleums to statuary, and from fountains to vases and flower pots to benches. Ultimately it comes down to fulfilling your vision.


We also offer a complete range of engraving services for both new installations as well as the completion of companion stones or family vaults. We can match fonts, stone and graphical assets to ensure a seamless transition spanning years or even decades. We also provide personalized images, likenesses and engraving services to achieve the perfect memorial.


We are also pleased to provide complete turnkey installation services, including site preparation, cemetery liaison services, contractors, graveside opening and closing services and more.


We are also locally endorsed by Manry Jordan Hodges Funeral Home.

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